Yankee Doodle in Chicago

Air: Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle, being spruce,
In a bran new tog, oh,
Thought himself he'd introduce
Into great Chicago;
There he found some delegates
Holding a Convention,
Representing all the States,
With a grave intention.

Who shall fill the White House next?
That was what they'd settle,
And the prompting of the text,
Put him on his mettle:—
"jl'll address the boys," said he,
"If it's right and handy."
Said the chairman: "Welcome be,
Yankee Doodle Dandy I"

Yankee Doodle tugged his beard,
In a manner musing,
Of the faces round him reared,
No expressing losing;
"Now I calculate," he said,
"This here meetin's meaning,
Is, that each has in his head,
Some peculiar leaning."

"Now Til tell you what we want,
In this eternal nation;
Not a bit of party cant,
With its botheration;
What we want's an honest man,
Free from freaks and fancies;
Something plain American,
None of your Miss Nancies."

"One who's never lost his friends
'Cause he is too lofty,
Nor would make them serve his ends
By a style too softy!
Some one's practical enough
To be boss when needed,
Never talking buucombe stuff,
Therefore always heeded."

"He's the man to run the thing,
Without a jar or racket,
He's your ticket, and by jing I
Won't the people back it!
Law and order's what we ask,
Kept in quiet fashion,
Times are hard and life's a task-
Give us nothing dazzlin' 1"

"Pres and Vice, who're solid men,
Platform short and spicy;
Gold in issue free again,
Greenbacks versy uicy;
Schools upon the good old plan,
Built from town to thicket;
Office for the honest man,—
That's your winning ticket!"

Yankee Doodle then withdrew
From the great convention,
Leaving there emotions too
Numerous to mention;
But the delegates arose,
And by acclamation,
Blaine, of Maine, and Logan chose,
. For their nomination!