1. Trump's Hymn

From the recording The Candidates From New York

Trump's Hymn
Air: Marines' Hymn

"Trump's Hymn" is to the tune of "Marines' Hymn" the official song of the United States Marine Corp. The tune is derived from a French opera and the original lyrics were most likely written during the Mexican War in the late 1840's. Often campaign songs were written to the most patriotic songs of the day, such as "Hail Columbia," "The Star Spangled Banner," "Yankee Doodle" and "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean." Many of the lyrics were not specific to policy but were designed to be patriotic odes to presidential nominees. "Trump's Hymn" is written and performed with these songs in mind.


From the shores of the California coast
To the highways in the east
We will follow Trump our leader
Whose resolve will never cease
He will fight to make this country great
Just like it used to be
We are proud to follow Donald Trump
For we all want to stay free

We stand on either side of him
He knows just what to do
He will bring the jobs we need to live
and give us tax breaks too
The Donald will reach far and wide
Make this nation great again
We all will follow Donald Trump
Right to the very end

Let us raise a glass and toast his name
And the good that he will do
He’ll reinvent the white house
for the old red white and blue
The Donald stands above us all
He has an action plan
He will make all of our dreams come true
Because he is our man!