The Plumed Knight

Air: Life on the Ocean Wave

From far Pacific coast,
To the sloping hills of Maine,
From Southern groves of palm,
To Northern sunny plain,
Come cheers of loyal men,
Who gather in their might,
To raise their voices high,—
Hurrah for the Plumed Knight!

Come, freemen, rally round,
And join our song to-night,
There's work for all to do,—
To win the gallant fight.
Let now your cheers ring out,
We battle for the right;
For Blaine we sing and shout,—
Hurrah for the Plumed Knight!

God bless our native land,
May peace her power extend,
And heaven's protecting hand,
Each foe transform to friend;
Melodious voices raise,
Send forth the song to-night,
Ring high the grateful lays,—
Hurrah for the Plumed Knight!