Shout Aloud for Lincoln

Air: Wait for the Wagon


Come friends of the Union,

And for it take your stand,

Determine not to falter,

Till we've whipped the rebel band.

Our Union flag we're raising,

For Lincoln, tried and true.

Who'll uphold it and revere it,

'Tis the Red, White, and Blue.



Then shout aloud for Lincoln,

Shout aloud for Lincoln,

Shout aloud for Lincoln,

And the Red, White, and Blue.


The rebels hate our President,

So do their" Northern friends.

That's the reason why' we love him,

And he for the right contends.

But we must meet his enemies,

To the Union they are foes.

So be sure that in November,

Every vote for Lincoln goes.




At the East, in proud New England,

They are jubilant and strong.

On California's golden shore,

They're singing freedom's song.

From one end of the Union

To the other you will see,

For Lincoln in November,

A good majority.



A Salt River boat is waiting

For McClellan and his friends.

To go and spend a holiday,

Till the rebellion ends.

Oh, won't it be a happy sight.

To see them go on board,

Weeping for the unhappy fate

Of Jefferson their Lord