Roll the Democratic Ball

Air: Bruce's Address (aka Scots Wha Hae)

Freemen! hear your country's call,
Roll the Democratic ball,
Let your voice be heard by all
The foes of liberty.
Now's the day and now's the hour,
See they struggle hard for power:
But in vain the Locos roar
Against Democracy.

Who will be a Loco slave,
Who would not his country save,
Who a monarch soon would have,
Let him turn and flee.
Who Columbia's glory love,
Who for freedom, freemen prove;
Onward to the battle move,
Let us all be free.

From all labour-crushing laws,
From official plunderers' jaws,
And Subtreasurers' "specie claws"
Keep your country free.
Let Henry Clay then lead the van,
To carry out the glorious plan,
Approved by every honest man
Who loves his liberty.

Analysis: This particular Henry Clay campaign song attacks the sub-treasury system that evolved after the fall of the 2nd Bank of the United States. Using the unofficial Scottish National Anthem adds to the power of the song.