Preserve the Union


Air: Gay and Happy


We're determined to stand by Lincoln,

Who's the Union's truest friend;

Now for it a war he's waging,

Which in honored peace will end.


Chorus—So lot the traitors act as they will.

And support McClellan still;

We're for Lincoln, we're for Lincoln,

To preserve the Union still.


Shall we guard against vile treason,

And our country's Union save?

Then let's vote against McClellan,

That the glorious stars may wave.




While our soldiers have been fighting.

That the war might sooner cease

Northern Copperheads have been crying

"Give us a degrading peace."




McClellan's friends now are determined

The rebels all they ask shall have;

But this war cannot be ended,

Till our rights we all shall save.




Then with Lincoln onward leading,

Southern foes we need not fear

With the Copperheads now despairing.

Glorious news we soon shall hear.