Title: Our Watchword 

Air: Hold the Ford

Lyrics: James Nicholson 

See, the Union ranks are moving
Over all the land;
In the front stand Hayes and Wheeler,
Taking the command.


Chorus —Loyal men throughout the nation
Strike for Liberty;
Now the name of Hayes and Wheeler
Shall our Watchword be.


Tilden, the New York Reformer,
Stands with all his "pals,"
Telling about Tweed and Railroads,
And about Canals.
Chorus —Loyal men, c.


Rebels call for reformation,
Thieves for honest men,
Till the Treasury of the nation
They can rob again.
Chorus —Loyal men, c.


We have seen what rebel soldiers
Do in making laws;
They avenge by legislation
That old dear lost cause.
Chorus —Loyal men, c.


Let our swords be turned to plough-shares;
Let our sabres rust;
But the men allied with treason
We will never trust.
Chorus —Loyal men, c.


By the blood of half a million
Noble Union men,
We will not resign the nation
To our foes again,
Chorus —Loyal men, c.