Title: Our Brave U.S.G.
Air: Marching Along.


The voice of the nation is rolling along,
And so we'll give to our General a song;
The name on our standard forever shall be,
The pride of the people, our brave U. S. G.


Chorus —Marching along, we are marching along,
With Grant for our watchword, we're marching along;
So on to the White House our pathway shall be
And Andy will yield it to brave U. S. G


The "Union" will brighten when he's in the Chair,
The "taxes" no longer our people will scare!
The land of our joy, oh, the fair golden State,
Is first in the field for our brave candidate!


We'll work heart and hand, till the good cause is won,
We'll fight for the man, boys, who never would run;
With ballots for bullets we'll let people see
That a grand Reconstructor is our U. S. G.


The North and the South and the East and the West,
Shall all come together, and none shall be best,
And just the firm statesman who'll bind them will be,
The pride of the Union, our brave U. S. G.


Let's throw party discord away for a while,
And work for our champion in good olden style;
The ball rolls along, and "you bet" soon we'll see
A seat in the White-House for our U. S. G.