One Day Just at Set of Sun

Air: Get Along Home My Yaller Gals

One day just at set of sun,
When labour ceased its busy hum,
I took a walk and heard this tune,
Sung glibly by that same old Coon:

Get along home you Loco Clique,
For your strength is fast declining;
Get along home you Loco Clique,
For the star of the Whigs is shining.

Oh there is a man down in the South,
Who has a most conspicuous mouth;
He thinks he '11 eat up every coon,
But you can't come it, John Calhoun!
Get along home, &c.

And Captain Tyler much does yearn,
To keep his seat a second term:
But Captain you must " Crawfish" soon,
Now mark the words of this here coon.

Get along home, &c.
There's General Cass, "he can't come in,'
He never will this old Coon skin;
I can't come down, you'll waste your shot;
'Cause Gen'ral Cass ain't Captain Scott.
Get along home, &c.

And little "Mat" will plot and plan,
But he is not the people's man,
I licked that varmint once before,
And will again in Forty-four.
Get along home, Sec.

But right down here in Old Kentuck,
If this old coon has any luck,
We '11 find a man to gain the day,
And who will stick as tight as Clay.
Get along home, &c.

Yes, give us Harry of the West,
The truest, wisest, and the best,
And then if things don't mend right soon,
Just take the hide off this old Coon.
Get along home, &c