Title: McClellan Will be President.</head>
From the Democratic Presidential Campaign Songster
Air: "Whack! row de dow!"

We want a man for President,
Whose heart is true and warm,
And who will guide the Ship of State
In safety through the storm.
So, clear the track! for Little Mac
Is just the man to do it;
He'll guard the rights of every one,
And put the country through it.
Chorus —With a whack, row de dow!
McClellan will be President;
Whack, row de dow!
Three cheers for Little Mac!

We want a man for President,
On whom we can rely,
And who will tell each foreign Power
That them we do defy:
That we will not permit a spot
On this side of the ocean,
To be invaded by their troops,
Without a big commotion.
Chorus —With a whack! c.

We want a man for President,
Who never can be led
To crush the liberties for which
Our noble fathers bled:
Who will protect us, and respect
The rights of every body,
And not be led by Nigger-heads,
Contractors, and by Shoddy.
Chorus —With a whack! c.

The man we want for President,
Is gallant Little Mac!
He will restore the Union soon,
And bring the Rebels back;
His heart is true, we'll put him through,
In spite of every Croaker,
And send him to the White-House, in
The place of Abe, the Joker!
Chorus —with a whack! c.