Martin Van of Kinderhook

Air: Dandy Jim of Caroline

Come, ye hardy sons of toil,
And cast your ballots for Free Soil ;
He who'd vote for Zacky Taylor,
Needs a keeper or a jailor.
And he who still for Cass can be,
He is a Cass without the C ;
The man on whom we love to look,
Is Martin Van of Kinderhook.


Martin Van's the one we'll go,
He is the man for the people 0,
I look around and find it so,
Just as they said at Buffalo.

When the Whigs they preach and pray,
For the old man of Monterey,
I shake my head as up I figures
The price of his two hundred niggers ;
When the Hunkers say the man
Is Lewis Cass of Michigan,
Amid the talk of all their lawyers,
I think of sand-banks, snags and sawyers.

Martin Van, &c.

Lewis Cass he wrote a book,
Praising kings on his own hook,
And said 'twas vulgar, mean and " sarcy,"
In folks to write home " wicy warcy."
O Lewis gave an awful groan.
When Philip tumbled from his throne ;
Thought he — is here a warning meant,
That I can ne'er be President ?

Martin Van, &:c.

How the Hunker placemen pale,
As our shouts come on the gale ;
How they tremble with dismay.
Looking on our proud array.
Taylor he must take his station,
'Mong the slaves on his plantation,
While the toast around we pass,
" A long good night" to Lewis Cass.

Martin Van, &c.