Loyal and True

Air: Sweet Bye and Bye

Freemen, spread forth your flag to the breeze,
Let it float over valley and dells,
From the mountains to the broad rolling seas,
While each bosom with loyalty swells.

Chorus.—While we sing, voices free,
For our leaders both loyal and true;
While we sing, voices free,
For brave Blaine and bold Logan too!

Come, ye freemen, and rally around,
Come and join in the loud swelling cry,
From the East and West comes the sound,
In the tones of a great victory.—Chorus.

Let us gather, ye proud freemen all,
Come and join in our glad songs to-night,
There is work to be done; heed the call,
Rally round for our country and right.—Chorus.

Come, in freedom's great cause let us sing,
Till the far distant nation's shall hear,
Let our voices for victory ring,
Till corruption's supporters shall fear.—Chorus.