Title: Jimmy Polk of Tennessee

Air: Dandy Jim of Caroline

Lyrics: J. Greinerl

Published by G.E. Blake, Philadelphia, 1844

This campaign song was written to mock the Democrats for choosing the "Dark Horse" candidate, James K. Polk. The lyrics were written to a popular minstrel song. 


Oh, Ev'ry day brings something new,

The Locofocos find it so;

And strange events have proved to Martin 

That doutbful things are very unsartin



But hark, the people rising say

that is not the man to cope with Clay

Ha, ha, ha such a nominee


As Jimmy Polk of Tennessee

Come listen Whigs and Locs all,

Your kind attention here I call,

And mark the burthen of the glee,

Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee.



Polk's choice occasioned some surprise,

Good Democrats rolled up their eyes,

Our candidate, pray, who is he?

Why James K. Polk of Tennessee


But soon their vast excitement o'er.

They see what ne'er was seen before.

The best selection that could be.

Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee


Fall down before a better man,

Than even little Matty Van,

Buchanan too, must bow the knee,

To Ex-Speaker Polk of Tennessee