Hurrah for High Tarriff

Air: Patrick Casey

Come rouse up, freemen, from your sleep,
And listen to my lay, boys,
From behind the curtains take a peep,
'Twill soon be 'lection day, boys.
Let's buckle on our armor strong,
And fight up for our cause now,
Let protection be our rally cry,
Against Free Trading laws now.


Then for High Tariff let us shout,
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
Come join us, friends, and help us out,
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah now!

Let's spurn Free Trading Democrats,
And all their allies too, boys.
Come rally 'round our loyal flag,
The red, the white and blue. boys.
To brave Harrison, the people's man,
We'll give the White House chair, boys,
Where Lincoln, Grant and Garfield sat,
We none better can put there, boys.
Then for High Tariff, &c.

As President he'll be the stripe,
Who will not yield to party,
Now he's the man of our choice,
And aid him we will hearty.
Then 'pon our banners let's inscribe
The name of Harrison,
And with it Morton, too, for Vice,
A victory's to be won.
Then for High Tariff, &c.

Come loyal men from North and South,
And East and West alike, sirs.
In harness all together pull,
And for Protection strike, sirs.
Cleveland's doctrine out will play,
So help, boys, every one, sirs.
Our candidates are good and true,
And in, we will them run, sirs.
Then for High Tariff, &c.