Honest Abe of the West

Air: The Star Spangled Banner

O hark ! from the pine crested hills of old Maine,

Where the splendor first falls from the wings of the morning,

And away in the West, over river and plain,

Rings out the grand anthem of Liberty's warning !

From green rolling prairie it swells to the sea,

For the people have risen, victorious, free ;

They have chosen their leaders, and bravest and best

Of them all is Old Abe, Honest Abe of the West !


The spirit that fought for the patriots of old.

Has swept through the land and aroused us forever ;

In the pure air of heaven a standard unfold.

Fit to marshal us on to the sacred endeavor !

Proudly the banner of freemen we bear ;

Noble the hopes that encircle it there !

And where battle is thickest we follow the crest

Of gallant Old Abe, Honest Abe of the West !


There's a triumph in urging a glorious cause,

Though the hosts of the foe for a while may be stronger

Pushing on for just rulers and holier laws.

Till their lessening columns oppose us no longer.

But ours the loud pean of men who have past

Through the struggle of years, and are victors at last.

So forward ihe flag, leave to Heaven the rest,

And trust in Old Abr, Honest Abe of the West !


Lo ! see the bright scroll of the Future unfold !

Broad farms and fair cities shall crown our devotion ;

Free Labor turn even Ihe sands into gold,

And the links of her railways chain ocean to ocean ;

Barges shall float on the dark river waves,

With a wealth never wrung from the sinews of slaves ;

And the chief, in whose rule all the land shall be blest,

Is our noble Old Abe, Honest Abe of the West !


Then on lo the holy Republican strife !

And again, for a future as fair as the morning,

For the sake of that freedom more precious than life,

Ring out the grand aathem of Liberty's warning !

Lift the banner on high, while from mountain to plain

Tho cheers of the people are sounded again,

Hurrah ! for our cause- of all causes the best !

Hurrah ! for Old Abe, Honest Abe of the West !