High Tariff Champions

Air: Yankee Doodle

High tariff champions we will be,
I'm certain sure of that, now,
And win the White House chair and belt,
I'll bet a brand new hat, sirs,
Cleveland he commenced the muss,
So we're going at him now, sirs,
And defeat him with his free trade dodge,
In the great November row, sirs.

Our leaders are good men and true,
And Republicans all over,
And the next four years we have resolved
That they shall live in clover,
So Cleveland best had pack his duds,
He'll not be chief much longer,
His free trade message settled him
And made our party stronger.


We snuff the battle from afar
And predict that we'll be winners,
So let's unite in harmony,
And knock out all the sinners.
A Nation's shout is thundering out
That we must have protection;
For that we'll work with all our might,
And win the next election.