Hail to Our Seymour

Air: Scots Wha Hae

Hail to Seymour, brave and bold,
Undismayed and uncontrolled,
Loyal to the Union old,
And to all it's laws.

Up! the natipn must be saved,
For we ne'er can be enslaved,
By the Radicals who've raved.
At the North and South. .

By each patriot statesman's grave,
Let us now our country save—
Bid the " old flag " freely wave
Over all the land.

Then the eagle from his crag,
Will leap again to greet the flag,
And cheer the hearts that cannot lag
In a cause so dear.

Up! the time is flying fast!
Heed our Seymour's bugle blast
To restore the peaceful past,
And let Justice rule.

Democrats! whom Jackson led!
Whigs! with Webster at your head:
Forward with united tread
In this noble cause.

O'er each valley, lake and dell,
Where a patriot soul doth dwell,
Hear the rising chorus swell,
"Battle for the Right."

Ponder not, the hour draws near;
'Tis the time for hope—not fear;
We the Ship of State can steer
Safe through every storm.

Heed our Seymour's bugle balst 
Up! restore the glorious past!

Haste! the time is flying fast!
Rally, one and all.

Come! united heart and hand,
Seymour will redeem our land,
By our sacred Union stand,
And enforce it's laws. 

Then, from valley, hill and dell,
Where a patriot soul doth dwell,
We'll the mighty chorus swell,
"We have won the fight."