Give Us Noble Leaders

Air: Give us back our old Commander.




Come patriots all and do your duty,

Many are too soon dismayed;

Let us finish this rebellion,

Let not the end be long delayed.

Honest Abraham is our leader,

We will see him to the end.

Let us aid him, let us cheer him,

He's the Union's truest friend.


Give us, then, those noble leaders,

Lincoln and Johnson, firm and true,

They will fight on for the Union,

And the Constitution too.


Let us honor Abraham Lincoln,

He has borne four years of toil,

He has braved defeat and danger.

Trying traitor's plans to foil.

Bayonets South at him have pointed.

With treason North he's had to deal.

No President ever had such trials.

Yet all he's done for our weal.




Would it not be right and proper?

Since he's passed four years of war,

That he should be highly honored

With his office four years more?

Really, then, defeat McClellan,

Defeat a base, ignoble peace.

Determine that while traitors threaten,

A vigorous war shall never cease.




The soldier fighting for his country,

Generals from the battle-field,

Say, " Rally all your men for Lincoln,

Now is not the time to yield."

One more effort, one more struggle.

And this wicked strife is o'er,

Obey the soldier, vote for Lincoln,

And the Union's safe for evermore.