General Harrison

Air: The Lament

Hark! with shouts, the air is rending,
Of the white man's savage foe;
Now their cruel course is bending
To the work of death and woe.

Hear the cries of widows weeping
For a murdered husband, son;
Low in death forever sleeping,
Did they spare them? No, not one.

Now their savage bosoms swelling;
To destroy, their only aim;
See! they burn the lowly dwelling;
See destruction in their train.

They, with stealthy steps are treading,
To secure their feeble prey;
Now, in fear, the white man dreading,
Unpursued they flee away.

Hear! the trump of war is sounding;
See an injured people come;
See the red man's host surrounding;
See the gallant Harrison.

He. his country's rights defending,
Has no cause but that alone;
He, the foe's proud power rending,
Ranks on ranks, has overthrown.

Now the cannon loudly roaring,
In destruction on the foe;
Now in vengeance death is pouring,
Lays the haughty chieftain low.

Now from battle he's returning
With the spoils his valor won;
See, with joy his bosom burning;
See our own, our Harrison.

Now in safety he's returning;
Joy to those who lived in dread;
They, in silence, now imploring
Choicest blessings on his head.

Now once more his way is wending
To his pleasant rural home;
Now his golden fields is 'tending,
In domestic pleasures roam.

Now in life he's fast declining.
Yet in wisdom holds his sway;
Round his head he's fast entwining
Sages' counsel, brightest ray.

Now ye people—now ye nation,
Ere life's feeble course is run,
To the high exalted station,
Raise your own, your Harrison.