Columbia's sons, awaking
From the long sleep of years,
Their stand are firmly taking
With Freedom's noble peers;
Her FOES, a countless number,
Determined not to yield,—
The shafts of truth shall sunder,
And they shall quit the field.


No more shall TYRANTS plunder,
And desecrate her soil,—
Nor frighten with their thunder,
Who live by honest toil;
Against those who oppress her,
Her sons have taken the field,—
Nor till her foes redress her.
Will they the conflict yield.
For Fillmore and Buchanan,
Let Slavery's minions plead;
Before the march of Freedom
Their glory shall recede;
Freemen their hosts shall rally,
To meet them in the fray, —
And they will " give them Jessie "
On the "DECISIVE" day.


With Fremont and with Dayton,
To LEAD our army forth,—
We'll show the haughty " Southrons "
That there is yet a " North ";
We'll place within the " White House "
The men of Freedom's choice,—
Then with a " ransomed " people
Aloud will we rejoice.