Free Soil Song

Air: Scots Wha Hae

Lo, we meet, a happy band,
Friends of Freedom through the land,
On this platform we will stand.
Shouting Liberty !

Men who long have disagreed,
Now profess the Free Soil creed.
And are one in heart and deed,
And together toil.

Sturdy Democrats and Whigs,
Leave their Cushings and their Briggs,
CasseSj Taylors, Butlers, Twiggs,
And hurrah, " Free Soil."

Well they knew that all was lost.
If they failed to join the host.
Who stood firmly at their post.
With their Captain Hale:

With one heart this trio now,
Register in Heaven a vow,
" We to slavery ne'er will bow.
Nor for Freedom fail !"

Freedom's banner now we bring,
To the breeze its folds we fling.
And we pledge that Slavery's king
At our feet shall fall;

Rally, then, with song and shout.
Force his camp and drive him out ;
And complete shall be the rout
Of our foemen all.

Grant us aid, Almighty God !
Aid to break the tyrant's rod.
Aid to free Columbia's sod
From its whips and chains.

Aid to raise the wretched slave,
From his loathsome, living grave,
Aid our brother man to save,
From his wrongs and pains.

Who can be so base a man,
As to scorn this holy plan,
And not vote for Martin Van,
In this time of need?

Who so vile as not to go
For the creed of Buffalo,
When his country bids him so.
To be free indeed 1

Rally, then, ye Freemen all,
At your country's loudest call,
Fight her battles well this Fall,
On, ye true and brave !

Van and Adams — Phillips, Mills,
Shall be echoed from our hills,
Shall be chosen at our wills,
And shall free the slave.