Coon Song

Air: Dandy Jim of Caroline

A race! a race! And who will win?
Who will be out? who will be in?
Trot out your nags! we '11 see who Ml take,
From all, the Presidential stake!

The people say they'll go for Clay,
The true heart's hope, the country's stay;
So raise the shout, and clear the way,
For work and worth and Harry Clay!

First Tyler comes the boon to crave:
A laugh and hiss meet the traitor knave,
He lowers his nose and sneaks away;
For he dares not face old Harry Clay.
For the people say, &c.

Next sneaking in, Grimalkin Van
Purrs low, and thinks "I will if I can."
But we whipp'd him once—Lord, how he ran
Hang up your fiddle—you 're not the man.
For the people say, &c.

Then comes Calhoun, now right, now wrong
Though six feet two, he's " nothing long."
But short or tall he'll be no higher,
We'll nullify the nullifier!
For the people say, &c.

There's Old Tecumseh: he won't do:
While he loves black, he will get blue;
And taking a wife, so weak his sight.
Poor man! he didn't know black from white.
So the people say, &c.

Buchanan comes. A shilling a day!
Work Locos! How d'ye like your pay?
Old Conestoga's stall'd, they say,
He's slicking in Kentucky Clay.
For the people say, etc.

Now hobbles in old Madam Cass;
She's not .what she was, alas! alas!
She might be a pet of the frog-eaters' king,—
Where the people rule she 's not the thing.
For the people say, &c 

Then Clay, with a lion port, strides by,
And shouts of thunder cleave the sky;
The pure, the bright, the tried and true,
The laurel wreath belongs to you.
For the people say, &&