Come, Cheer Up Ye, Whigs

Air: The Star Spangled Banner

Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! for your cause it is glorious,
Like your sires be united and like them be victorious,
For freedom and honor was the need of their toils,

For independence they fought, and not like pirates for spoils.
Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! for your cause is divine,
In " Union for the sake of the Union" combine,
To expel from all power each fell demagogue,
Who'd expunge from our morals the whole Decalogue.


Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! resolved heart and hand

To rescue your country from corruption's foul band;
On the altar of Union light up Freedom's fires,
And rush to the rescue, as of old did your sires.
Come, cheer up, ye Whigs !" you are right, go ahead,"
Your candidate has filled the Sub-Treasurers with dread,
For he's honest, he's capable, he's fearless and just,

And with honour untarnished has filled every trust.
Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! for most holy's your cause,
You strike for your country, constitution, and laws.

Raise the banner of union with Harry Clay on,

Whose pole star's his country, his guide Washington.
Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! see your own Henry Clay,
On the ramparts resisting the demagogues' sway;
No selfishness rankles in the patriot's pure breast,
And purer don't live than our Hal of the West!


Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! Io, the man of the North,
With the constitution displayed, in his might standing forth.
To rescue the country from the gripe of the knaves,
Who'd the constitution destroy and of freemen make slaves!
Come, cheer up, ye Whigs! hurrah! go ahead!
Your candidate has filled all the plunderers with dread;
Raise the star-spangled banner of the Union on high,
And contempt be his lot who the battle would fly.
Now, onward, ye Whigs! for your cause it is glorious,
United, you must, and you will be victorious!
On, on! with the friend of your own Harrison,
For great are the laurels he nobly has won!