Buck's Private Confession Publicly Revealed

Air: Lucy Long
"Oh, if I thought that I had got 
One drop of a Democrat's blood, 
My jugular vein it'd rip in twain, 
And spill the filthy flood." 
(Chorus of Loafers)"Don't let that annoy you! 
We say, old buffer, stop ! 
If they boiled you down in a 
chandler's vat they couldn't raise a drop. 
"I think those vile mechanics 
Get ten times too much pay ; 
With a Federal screw I'd put them through 
At just "ten cents a day!"
( Chorus as before )"But don't let that alarm you, 
We say, old squaretoes, stop! 
By the lord! if you touch the 
workman's wage, the twig you'll have to hop. 
"I don't believe in marriage
A curse on wives and weans. 
I love myself too much to share 
With them my pork and beans!"
( Chorus hilariously)"But don't let that alarm you, 
A "cuckold" he was born, 
And since he left his Federal wife
Oh hasn't she given hima horn 
"No more I'm James Buchanan,
I sold myself down South; 
Henceforth I'll do what my masters please, 
And speak what they put in my mouth"
(Chorus solemnly) "But don't let that alarm you, 
Forgive his slavish tone; 
Can you ask a man to stand up straight 
Who was born without a back-bone?