Blair the Fearless and Brave

Air: Red, White and Blue

aka: Columbia the Gem of the Ocean

Frank Blair is the choice of the Nation,
The pride of the fearless and free,
We'll drink to his health and station,
With the proudest on land or sea.
His heart for the Union is swelling,
It beats for his soldiers so true,
So bravely, so justly sustaining
The laws of the Red, White and Blue.

No wicked rebellion could sever
The hands that our forefather wrought;
The Union forever and ever,
Unsullied, unstained, and unbought,

'Twas the life thought of Blair, as Commander,
And he stands by that record so true;
Then who will our leader not follow,
When he stands by the Red, White and Blue.

Our comrades are pledged for the Union,
While the Stars and Stripes float above;
Then for Blair and Seymour, hurrah, boys,
Hurrah, for the cause that we love!
The old Ship of State, when well guided,
Will be found with her compass still true;
And soon will the storm have subsided
That threatens the Red, White and Blue.

Need we say to the boys of the Army
Who have fought under Frank Blair the brave,
That Blair and Seymour, our leaders,
Are the men this Nation to save.
They will list to no Radical voices,
Nor turn from the old paths to new,
But give back to the life of the Nation
The power of the Red, White and Blue.