Happy Days are Here Again!

Billboard Magazine published a story today regarding Barbra Streisand reciting the tune "Happy Days are Here Again" in reference to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The song became affiliated with Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1932 campaign and has become attached to the…Read more

Our New Album is almost here!

The past is about to meet the present. Is this cartoon about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz or was it about the 1864 Democratic Party Convention? 

"Abraham Ain't It So" or a Political Cartoon?

A well known Lincoln Historian, Harold Holzer, wrote about Geroge McClellan's electoral win in New York City claiming that it was the result of a racist political cartoon. The article is worth reading for individuals interested in the 1864 election…Read more

Album Review from Jamsphere

"Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election" received a fabulous review from Jamsphere, an independent music magazine. The full review can be read here.

Civil War Music Explained

Civil War Music is often an important part of the American folk tradition. Tunes such as "Dixie's Land" may have taken on new significance with time; however, the original songs were quickly used by individuals to spread new messages. This…Read more

Abraham Lincoln Election Songs hit Itunes

American Pioneer Music's first release hit itunes this week. For many years, folk singers, civil war buffs, and even mainstream artists have recorded songs from the 1800s. A review of the Lincoln albums on itunes consist mainly of versions of…Read more

Why Now?

There has been a longstanding practice in the United States to convey political messages with music. During the American Revolution lyrics were written to popular songs such as "British Grenadiers" and "Yankee Doodle" to convey messages about the changing…Read more