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Concept albums on election campaigns are not commonplace in the musical landscape, especially when the focus is centered on the strength of the songs themselves, rather than on the appeal of any particular artist.

This is definitely the case of "Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1864", a collection of songs inspired by one of the most important moments in American history. 

During the tense time of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was facing his opponent George McClellan in a very tight stand-off. For each man, generating enthusiasm was a critical component to victory.

Campaign songs were one of the most popular ways to spread political messages. Promoters, politicians and even supporters were able to match their own lyrics with the power of popular Irish and Scottish melodies, minstrel songs and ballads. This compilation collects interpretations of authentic songs from the political campaign of 1864, from both the Republican and Democratic Pary. The powerful 19th Century lyrics are even more controversial in the 21st Century.

This record offers an accurate depiction of themes, language and sentiments of America at its critical juncture.

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Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election Promo

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